Fool's Dog Support

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Having a problem?

Please email us with your questions and concerns! We are eager to improve our app, and your feedback is a big help. It is also worth checking for application updates in the App Store or Google Play to see if a more recent version is available.

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Why don't you do ________?

Have you looked at the settings menu? We frequently receive requests for features we’ve already built into the app. If you haven’t explored the settings menu, you might not have noticed the control for the feature you are seeking. Just click on the little gear on the main menu. If we’ve overlooked a feature you think is important, please send us feedback!

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How do I enter readings I did with physical cards?

When starting a reading, scroll to the bottom of the spread list and change the "Draw cards from:" setting to "List of cards". You will see a list of cards to choose from each time a card appears in the reading.

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The cards are always upright in my readings?

To adjust the app for upright and reversed cards, click on the gear on the main menu. This takes you to the settings menu. The setting you seek is called Allow Reversed Cards.

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Why don't you have reversed card meanings for the _________ Tarot deck?

We publish decks from many different authors. If the original author has provided reversed card meanings, we include them in the app. Many authors do not believe in using reversed meanings, and so do not provide them. If you are interested in exploring reversed card meanings, we recommend The Complete Book of Tarot Reversals by Mary K. Greer.

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You should offer the _________ Tarot!

We love to hear about your favorite decks! We are always adding new decks to our family of apps. We like to present decks with broad appeal, and we also love specialty decks. If you are writing about a classic deck that’s been around for a long time: unfortunately, many decks are not available for us to license.

Questions or Feature Requests?

We are working hard to make all Fool's Dog apps the best out there!

Do not hesitate to contact us for support or send us feature requests that you feel will improve the app for all. We really strive for 100% satisfaction!