Features of our Tarot, Lenormand, Oracle Card, and Kipper Apps

The Fool’s Dog Apps combine easy, user-friendly design with a discerning eye for gorgeous art and profound writings. We understand and appreciate oracular wisdom and divination, and we work hard to showcase our creative content with elegant aesthetics and top-quality programming. We include many special features in our Tarot and Oracle card apps, features that distinguish our apps from all others.
Multiple Layouts

Many Built-in Spreads or
Use Your Own with Free Form

Each app comes with bult-in card layouts, often especially designed for the deck. If you prefer to use your own layout, every app includes a free form spread.

iPhone and iPad

Works on all iOS and Android devices

Our apps support all iOS (8.0 or newer) and Android (4.0.3 or newer) devices.


Customizable Settings

Set your Tarot app the way you like it! Use your own card meanings, change the reading cloth, many other settings are available.

Major Arcana

Major Arcana Only Option

Each deck allows you to draw from just the major arcana cards if you wish!

Shuffle and cut

Animated Shuffle and Cut

Visualize your question while the app shuffles, just like with a physical deck. Shuffle as many times as you want, cut the cards, or go straight to the reading.


Customizable Card Meanings and Reading Cloths

Let the app evolve as your Tarot reading skills develop. One more way you can customize the deck for your needs!

Retina display

High Resolution Artwork

Gorgeous full-screen high-resolution card images appear in lush and vibrant colors. Zoom in on the cards to see incredible amounts of detail!


Tarot Reader

Most apps include unabridged books. In some cases we commission special app editions, and provide bonus material!


Reversed Cards Option

You can enable or disable reversed cards.

Email, Twitter, and Facebook

Share Readings with Email or Twitter

Send and share your readings via email. Our Twitter options allow easy tweets of your layouts. Share readings with your friends via Facebook in iOS 6 or newer.


Optional Voice Prompts

Voice prompts help you learn the app quickly. iOS versions also support Apple's VoiceOver feature for the blind and those with low vision.