Tarot Decoratif for iPhone/iPad and Android devices

Ciro Marchetti’s sumptuous Tarot Decoratif combines imagery from Tarots de Marseille and the RWS deck. Ciro has created a novel form of Tarot: while the cards have deep roots in Tarot de Marseille, the pips are far more illustrated.

Tarot Decoratif looks to the Tarot de Marseille for card titles, suit names, and card order, reversing Strength and Justice from the RWS. The Major Arcana figures also draw on Marseille imagery, with two women in L’Amoureux, a Bataleur wearing his lemniscate hat, and a Fool’s Dog biting The Fool’s trousers.

The Minor Arcana draws on both traditions of Tarot. Stained glass patterns in luscious colors provide backgrounds in all the cards. Each card includes its number of suit icons along with small scenes evoking the RWS. Ciro has reduced the RWS iconography to a few essential elements, and woven those designs into the harmonious arrangements of Epees, Batons, Coupes, and Derniers.

Tarot Decoratif was created for an audience of Tarot aficianados interested in a unique exploration by an acknowledged master of Tarot art. Here you will find captivatingly lovely cards rooted in Tarot’s oldest traditions, combined with much modern elements from the RWS deck. The resulting cards are unique, a novel deck with an elegance all its own.


Just a taste of the beautiful and unique artwork of this deck.


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*Intuitive, elegant interface is easy for beginners and experts
*Gorgeous full screen, high-resolution card images
*Full support for all devices on both iOS (8.0 or newer) and Android (4.0.3 or newer)
*Sophisticated journal
*Includes unabridged compact book
*18 spreads built in
*Design your own layout with Free Form
*Allow reversed cards or not
*Option to use Major Arcana only
*Zoom in to enlarge card details
*Share reading via email, and on iOS via Facebook or Twitter
*Animated shuffle & cut
*Optional voice prompts
*Customize with your own card meanings & reading cloths
*Many adjustable settings
*Available in English only